The Best Tools for SEO

In 2020, SEO is far from dead. It’s more complex than ever and staying on top of the SEO game as either a freelancer or an agency is becoming challenging.

There’s various SEO tools out there, some are aimed at individuals, some are aimed at large marketing agencies working for multi-million pound company’s marketing strategies.

Here’s a few of the best SEO tools to aid any professional online marketing campaign.

Semrush: An extremely popular platform for SEO professionals and equally helpful for website owners doing their own SEO. There is a free version and a more advanced paid version available.

Google Search Console: A free console of tools by Google themselves. Fairly basic in features, but provides good insights in how a website is performing over time, including top backlinks for a website.

Ahrefs: A comprehensive tool for SEO strategies, helping greatly in finding good quality backlinks. Plans are paid but generally worth the investment.

This is just a small section of some of the most popular SEO tools to help improving your online marketing strategy.

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