The Best Tools for SEO

In 2020, SEO is far from dead. It’s more complex than ever and staying on top of the SEO game as either a freelancer or an agency is becoming challenging.

There’s various SEO tools out there, some are aimed at individuals, some are aimed at large marketing agencies working for multi-million pound company’s marketing strategies.

Here’s a few of the best SEO tools to aid any professional online marketing campaign.

Semrush: An extremely popular platform for SEO professionals and equally helpful for website owners doing their own SEO. There is a free version and a more advanced paid version available.

Google Search Console: A free console of tools by Google themselves. Fairly basic in features, but provides good insights in how a website is performing over time, including top backlinks for a website.

Ahrefs: A comprehensive tool for SEO strategies, helping greatly in finding good quality backlinks. Plans are paid but generally worth the investment.

This is just a small section of some of the most popular SEO tools to help improving your online marketing strategy.

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What is SEO in Marketing?

The abbreviation SEO comes up frequently in marketing. It stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO is how websites are adapted to be able to rank well in search engines.

Through extensive changes in search engine algorithms over the years, SEO has become more and more challenging. SEO agencies have to adapt quickly to changes in the SEO scene.

SEO applies specifically to digital marketing or online marketing. Websites need to be optimised to rank well organically and outrank competitors.

SEO agencies use techniques including on-page SEO and off-page SEO to better increase the chances of a website appearing on Google page one. Therefore, outranking competitors.

SEO can be done by anyone, to a certain extent. Although, much research and training will be needed to progress a website above fierce competition.

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